RevUnit and UniGroup joint venture, Handled, recently announced its full acquisition by United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit parent company UniGroup due to its early growth and innovative technology. The acquisition will position the home-services booking platform to improve the moving experience on an even larger scale.

“Handled was poised for growth from the beginning because of our focus on creating a modern moving experience for customers,” said Seth Waite, Handled’s CEO and now chief experience officer at UniGroup. “The technology we created alongside RevUnit will be repackaged as digital tools for members of the UniGroup network, providing a digital-first process — including contactless booking and payment — to their customers. We couldn’t be prouder of the continued growth and the opportunity to further innovate the digital experience when it comes to moving.”

Beginning in 2019, RevUnit and Handled partnered to develop AI and machine learning-powered technology with a “personal concierge” approach to local moving, relocation and home services. Handled’s data-driven booking platform eliminates the need for in-person appointments and relocation estimates, providing a seamless and intuitive customer experience, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With almost 2,000 moves across 95 markets since its launch in 2019, Handled’s digital capabilities will assist UniGroup, the current leader in interstate moving, in modernizing their services and developing its footprint in the local moving market.

“Moving is stressful enough on its own,” said RevUnit Co-Founder and CEO Michael Paladino. “Our goal in this joint venture was to develop a digital product that eliminated the confusion and wasted time that often comes with finding and booking movers. We’re always excited to form partnerships that drive innovation and we were confident in the power of RevUnit and Handled right from the start.”

Handled’s success has also been fueled by its internal operations technology. A supplier portal leverages automation to assign moves to local agents, providing one source of information needed to complete customer moves. In addition, Handled’s supplier onboarding platform digitizes the process of adding agents into the system through self-serve steps, eliminating previous lengthy and manual processes. This technology was a key differentiator in the home services and relocation market, and core to UniGroup’s decision to add Handled to its family of brands.

RevUnit is proud to continue partnering with UniGroup and Handled to provide digital tools for a safe, easy and personalized moving experience for families in the throes of a local move.