Due to major problems on the national railway infrastructure caused by severe weather conditions, an urgent meeting between Luka Koper terminal and Slovenian railways management was held yesterday to define further actions with the aim to normalize the situation. At this moment priority is given to ensure the vital railway traffic can be resumed as soon as possible.

Currently the worst situation is on the line between Pivka and Borovnica, where the tracks are inaccessable because of fallen trees and damaged electric cables. The working teams of Slovenian railways are continuously removing the debris on all affected sections.

On the damaged sections, traction will be provided by diesel locomotives temporarily replacing the electric trains. The traffic to/from port of Koper shall be restored in 48 hours, if no other weather-related problems arise in the meantime.

Based on first estimations, a complete renewal of the affected sections could last several months.

Due to aforementioned issues, some activities in the port of Koper are still limited. The truck gate on the Container terminal remains open 24 hours a day.