The expanded cooperation will provide you with more service choices and increased sailing frequency. For example, on the Asia-North America West Coast trade, each G6 Alliance member will be able to offer almost twice as many sailings, compared to what is currently offered separately by the New World Alliance and the Grand Alliance.

The proposed expansion will complement existing G6 services in the Asia-North America East Coast and Asia-Europe trades, allowing to deploy the most suitable ships for each loop across the trades. With greater service flexibility and operational synergies, the G6 Alliance will have an even more resilient and robust network – giving shippers a wider coverage area and shorter transit times without reducing the total capacity.

The G6 Alliance plans to deploy about 76 ships across 12 services connecting 27 Asian and North America West Coast ports. Approximately another 42 ships will be deployed across five services including two pendulum services in the Trans-Atlantic trade lane calling at 25 ports covering the US East Coast, US West Coast, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Netherlands, the UK, France, Belgium and Germany.

The new services are scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2014, pending regulatory approval. Details on services and port rotations will be announced at a later date.

G6 Alliance members will continue to market their services individually as they do today.

Specifics for the Atlantic Trade:

Compared to the current status quo, Hapag-Lloyd will offer on the Atlantic:

• Improved or equal transit times

• Improved or equal port coverage

• Comparable weekly capacities

The following Atlantic loops will be offered by Hapag-Lloyd within the G6 scope:

Current Atlantic services maintaining their rotation and port coverage:




Atlantic services added / modified:

• “North East Coast Shuttle”: Connecting North Europe with New York and Norfolk

• APX: Pendulum similar to PAX service. Hapag-Lloyd will offer this service for connections between Europe and the US East Coast.

Further details, e.g. specific berthing windows, will be established and duly communicated in the next months.

Outside of the G6 scope, Hapag-Lloyd will continue to offer the following well established Atlantic services, without any change:

• Montreal services SLCS1 and SLCS2


• All Mediterranean services