Hecny Group, one of Hong Kong’s pioneer freight forwarders with over 2,000 employees operating 70 offices worldwide, has reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction since signing on with INTTRA more than a year ago.

INTTRA is the world’s largest e-commerce platform for ocean freight with 21 of the world’s largest ocean carriers as part of its carrier network, representing 61% of the ocean freight industry. Asia Pacific customers include over 200 freight forwarders based in Hong Kong, South China, Taiwan and Australia/New Zealand.

‘In November 2004, Hecny signed onto INTTRA-Link, which provided EDI connection for shipping instructions and cargo status. EDI transmission of shipping instructions via INTTRA waives the AMS (automated manifest system) fee and reduces the chance of container off-load. It also diminishes faxes and duplicative data entry, and that reduces human errors and the need to redo documents. The result has been reduced costs and satisfied customers,’ said Arnold Lee, Hecny’s Corporate Vice President.

Regarding cargo status, Lee said that INTTRA, ‘helps provide our customers with full visibility to their shipment’s status. In general, the collaboration with INTTRA has improved overall customer satisfaction and reinforced Hecny’s commitment to service. These benefits have led to customer loyalty, as well as new business development.’

He cites the example of a consumer electronics manufacturer with factories in the US and Mexico that produces audio-visual products ranging from cordless phones to televisions. With more than 100 ocean shipments of electronic parts from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan every month, this customer has been using Hecny Cargo Tracking system - which provides cargo status obtained through INTTRA - on a daily basis to track shipments, according to Lee.

‘The customer reports that our shipment visibility system enables them to manage the cargo delivery status in a seamless fashion that provides the ability to view updated shipment status and related shipping documents such as packing lists and bills of lading. They are particularly pleased that the cargo tracking function allows them to keep track of container movements from the Far East to their warehouse. Moreover, the shipping documents viewing function, which stores all the related documents on-line, allows them to save a significant amount of paper work,’ he said.

Michael Nielsen, INTTRA’s Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Sales, points out that customers such as Hecny get a major lift from INTTRA-Link, which provides the tools that enable a supply chain system to connect to INTTRA’s multi-carrier network via one simple connection. Further, he said, ‘INTTRA’s I-Link team, located around the world, guides customers through the integration process and helps them benefit from the industry standards established by INTTRA. Using INTTRA adds value through the availability of new tools and capabilities,’ he said.

Tony Wines, INTTRA’s Asia-Pacific Managing Director, said INTTRA was, ‘delighted to be collaborating with such a forward-thinking and e-commerce-capable company as Hecny.’ He pointed out that the forwarder has grown a worldwide presence with offices in the United States and Europe.

And, in providing their customer’s global visibility of shipping-related data, Wines says Hecny is helping set a standard for the local marketplace, which is just starting to demand global visibility.