Supply Chain Commerce Solutions provider Manhattan Associates announced that France Boissons, a leading beverages distributor and wholly owned subsidiary of Heineken France, is deploying Manhattan’s Warehouse Management (WMS) and Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) solutions at its distribution centers (DCs) in France. The Manhattan solutions, so far deployed in in six DCs (in Caen, Montpellier, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux and Rennes), will enable France Boissons to improve service levels for its 60,000 trade customers at the same time as allowing the drinks distributor to fulfil customer orders more profitably.

The solutions have already helped France Boissons to modernize and optimize processes throughout its supply chain network. DC operatives are able to operate much more efficiently and flexibly and the business is able to quickly respond to changes in demand and better capitalize on the sales opportunity presented by peak seasons and product promotions / event-driven demand spikes. The company is also seeing improvements in order fulfilment accuracy meaning it has raised the bar on the service levels it provides to its customers: hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. This will improve brand loyalty and in turn drive revenue growth.

Gaël Prigent, head of Supply Chain, France Boissons, commented, “We are faced with several critical supply chain challenges every day: the seasonality, the diversity and the value of the products associated with a single customer order and fulfilling every order in a way which meets our customers’ service expectations. To help us manage these challenges we needed a reliable and robust supply chain solution that could manage the volume fluctuations, enable operational efficiency improvements and give us improved visibility across our supply chain operations.”

Henri Seroux, managing director at Manhattan Associates France, explained, “Manhattan provides the expertise and technology to help clients deliver on their brand promise. We’re delighted to see France Boissons already seeing some of the benefits of our Supply Chain Commerce solutions.”

Manhattan’s WMS, which is integrated with Vocollect’s voice solution, has been instrumental in driving performance improvements in France Boissons’ distribution operations. Manhattan’s Supply Chain Intelligence solution enables France Boissons’ management to respond quickly to important developments or exceptions as they occur by monitoring and analyzing supply chain data.