After working together since 1995, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is now extending its service agreement with Traxon by a further 79 branches in 44 countries. That brings the number of branches presently connected to the Traxon network for electronic communications to 165 in 66 countries.

Hans Helmkamp, Senior Executive Business Consultant for the forwarding company, has encouraged all exclusive partners to be part of the agreement. ‘Global Transport Chain Management must include all parties involved to fulfill the requirements of our logistics customers. For this reason, all exclusive partners of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics are using specific modules of the global freight operational system for air and sea freight. This is why we asked Traxon to include all our exclusive partners in our agreement. Our users have been convinced by the Host to Host booking with Lufthansa Cargo via Traxon. They find it reliable, stable and successful. They really save time, which is not the case with Web-based applications where users are required to proceed to double entry of data.

‘Thanks to Traxon services and quality, we are able to comply very quickly with legal requirements for Customs purposes. We can save time, resources and a high amount of money. Traxon has always delivered what they promised. This is why we are confident that this extended co-operation will be really fruitful.’

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics uses several of Traxon’s range of services, including e-Status Update, e-Air Waybill and e-Consolidation lists, for dealing with Customs in the US, India and Canada. The e-booking service with Lufthansa Cargo also works well.

‘Hellmann is a very good example of the trend in our industry,’ states Guy Deschamps, Traxon’s General Manager Sales and Key Accounts. ‘A good IT application open to the outside world via EDI is one of the keys to success, one single worldwide connection via the leading provider makes life so much easier. I believe that integrated Host to Host booking is the only solution that brings a real benefit to the users in the long term because it can be made part of the process and doesn’t require double-entry. This single ‘Gateway’ approach is being selected by more and more airlines and forwarders, major ones as well as midsized companies all over the world. Traxon, which was designed right from the beginning as a worldwide provider, is especially well prepared to meet this kind of requirement. We are proud of the trust of our customers who become more numerous each day and ask us to deliver more services. This applies to relatively ‘old’ services such as booking or the new ones including Customs, Air Mail, and AST.’