Optimizes inbound & outbound transportation

LeanLogistics, a division of CHEP and a provider of Web-native Transportation Management Systems (TMS), announced that Henningsen Cold Storage has chosen LeanLogistics’ On-Demand TMS(R) to manage inbound and outbound transportation from their frozen and refrigerated distribution centers. Henningsen will centralize transportation management for the entire Henningsen network from their load control center in their Scranton, Pennsylvania distribution center. Centrally managing both inbound and outbound operations will allow Henningsen to eliminate inefficiencies in their transportation operations, significantly lower freight costs, and better meet customer delivery expectations.

Henningsen’s business has been rapidly expanding as evidenced by their recent selection by the Port of Benton, Washington, to manage a new freight Transload Center in Richland, Washington, and the completion of their new 5.0 million cubic foot temperature-controlled distribution center in Portland, Oregon.

“Our transportation expertise is playing a key role in our rapid business growth,” said Tony Lucarelli, executive vice president for Henningsen Cold Storage. “LeanLogistics was the natural choice to do business with since so many of our customers currently use the On-Demand TMS(R) network and are pleased with the solution.”

“LeanLogistics’ On-Demand TMS(R) provides a holistic view into the logistics operations and promotes intense information sharing among all trading partners,” said Dan Dershem, CEO and president, LeanLogistics. “Clients can easily manage exceptions of unexpected demand, missed deliveries, and lead time changes with complete visibility.”

On-Demand TMS(R) provides complete daily planning, execution, and settlement, along with increased visibility to pickup and drop data. Event notifications assure that customers and carriers are aware of schedules, requirements, and status. With the Business Intelligence functions built into On-Demand TMS(R), Henningsen has the ability to mine shipment history, analyze carrier performance, and generate insightful reports for better decision-making and continuous improvement.

Henningsen Cold Storage Co. is an 85-year-old, full service third-party logistics provider with multi-temp facilities in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Henningsen owns and operates over 42 million cubic feet of frozen and refrigerated warehousing space and is one of the largest public refrigerated warehousing companies in North America.