The History of Containerization Foundation has announced a collaborative effort in support of a planned McLean Container Center at Kings Point. Its objective is to establish a permanent legacy for containerization in the form of a museum at the US Merchant Marine Academy.

The HOC Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization founded in 2005, is dedicated to preserving the significant historical impact that containerization has had on the global shipping industry and the world’s economy.

The HOC Foundation is pleased to announce the collaborative effort with a group of ‘pioneers’ who worked with Malcom McLean since the early days of container shipping as well as members of the McLean family. Paul F. Richardson, former President of Sealand is the spokesman for the ‘pioneers.’

Mr. Richardson stated, ‘The planned McLean Container Center’s first action item is to work with the History of Containerization Foundation to ensure the success of the Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Gala scheduled for the Smithsonian on April 27, 2006.’ Richardson added, “The 50th anniversary Gala is the vital first step we are taking to make certain that we document this revolution with historical accuracy and to move forward with a combined spirit of teamwork and cooperation.”

“We are delighted to welcome the participation of such visionary shipping executives,” said Michael B. Berzon, HOC Foundation Chairman. “Our mutual goal is to preserve the true legacy of containerization in shipping; the developments that led to unimaginable growth in world trade. It is also a testimony to American ingenuity in transportation.”

The Gala in the nation’s capital will be held in the Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History April 27, 50 years and a day after the initial sailing of the first ships to carry container, the IDEAL X. The event commences at 7:30 p.m. Information is available from HOC Executive Director Barbara Spector Yeninas at (866) 520-HOCF (4634).

The HOC Foundation was established in 2005 by those involved with CII and other industry leaders as a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to capture and preserve the history of the development and evolution of the sea-going shipping container, and the industry it created. This includes the many individuals around the world who played a key role in containerization, and also to create a permanent storage and display facility for viewing by future generations.

Mr. Berzon, formerly of The DuPont Company, has been involved with CII since 1984 and is widely recognized as an industry spokesperson, columnist and logistics expert. James Devine, President of New York Container Terminal, is the HOC Vice Chairman. Treasurer is Ashley G. Craig, a maritime attorney with Venable.

Other HOC board members are the Honorable Helen Delich Bentley of the Port of Baltimore, former US Congresswoman and Federal Maritime Commission chairman; Stanford A. Erickson of the American Trucking Association; Alan Glass of Commonwealth Business Media, John V. Keenan, Horizon Lines Executive Vice President, and Irena McLean.

Messrs. Devine, Erickson and Keenan all served in executive-level positions at Sea- Land Service at various times in their careers.