For the Siemens Project Sfanta Elena (Moldova Noua) Holleman Bulgaria O.O.D., a member of the both networks Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC and Cargo Equipment Experts CEE transported 21 complete units of Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbine generators and associated equipments from the port of Constanta to the windfarm site in Coroni - Sfanta Elena ( Romania).

Details of the service contract for Holleman Bulgaria:

  • Unloading from vessel in Constanta Port
  • Components shifting inside the port,
  • Depositing the components in the port storage area,
  • Loading the barges in Constanta port,
  • River transport to Moldova Veche Port (Discharging Port)
  • Depositing the components in the port
  • Load and Carriage of the Cargo by road from Discharging Port to the Delivery Place
  • Unloading at the hard stand on their own supports for nacelle and towers.
  • Blades, tower sections (for just in time deliveries) and all other components will be unloaded by cranes.
  • Civil Escort Vehicles
  • Police Escorts