The volume of Hong Kong’s domestic exports in August 2007 fell 25.9% from a year earlier, while re-exports increased 9.3%, the Census and Statistics Department said.

The total volume of the territory’s exports, including re-exports through China, rose 7.3% while total imports climbed 10.2% from a year ago, the department said in a statement.

The volume of domestic exports for the first eight months of 2007 fell 26.1% from a year earlier while that of re-exports rose 11.4%. Total exports grew 9.1% and imports increased 10.5%.

Prices of domestic exports meanwhile rose 0.8% in August 2007 from a year earlier and re-export prices increased by 2.1%. Total export prices gained 2.0% and import prices rose 1.8%, the data showed.

Prices of domestic exports for the first eight months of 2007 were 0.6% higher, while those of re-exports increased by 2.3%. Total export prices were up by 2.2% and import prices increased by 2.1%.

The department said prices are based on unit values which do not take into account changes in the composition or quality of goods traded, except for some selected commodities for which specific price indices are available. (Reuters)