Technology is all around us these days from the smartphones in our pockets to the central heating systems in our homes. We’re adept at utilizing technology to our advantage but businesses often flounder in the face of new technology. The trucking business is an industry that relies heavily upon the technology of yesteryear but in order to advance, progress, and move into the future successfully, it will be important for transportation managers to look for new and novel ways to bring technology into their businesses.

Tracking Technology for Trucks and Cargo Monitoring

One of the most widely used technologies to have been developed and adapted for the transportation industry in recent years relies on our ability to track and trace the location of almost anything, to within pinpoint accuracy, thanks to GPS (Global Positioning System). Being able to accurately track and trace cargo while on the move really cannot be understated in an industry where every day, literally millions of miles are covered by road, sea and sky.

Investing in tracking can allow business owners and managers hugely enhanced visibility over the products they’re moving and for a transportation business, this can spell the difference between success and failure.

It’s no coincidence that the big players in the transportation industry today, the likes of Amazon, UPS and FedEx, were early to adopt this technology.

Conveyor Belt Systems for Warehouses and Stock Control

The ability to quickly and accurately shift stock at all hours of the day and night is a pillar of the transportation industry, and it all begins with an efficient warehouse. A warehouse is the central hub of any transportation industry business and if you’re unable to manage, move, and deliver stock to your customers, then your business is going to fail, it’s that simple.

The conveyor belt has been around for over one hundred years and as the old adage goes, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ most certainly applies to this miraculous piece of machinery. It’s fair to say that since its original inception, there have been numerous additions to this piece of technology in order to bring it into the modern age, but largely it’s remained unchanged.

If you’re considering the addition of a conveyor belt into your transportation business warehouse, then be sure to make contact with Fluent Conveyors and find out more about how this long-serving technology can transform your ability to manage and process an increased volume of work.

Driverless Technologies are the Future

Okay, this is looking further ahead and as of yet, this kind of technology is not available on the market. That doesn’t mean it won’t be soon though, and preparing for the future is one of the safest ways a business can secure their spot in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Let’s face it, we’re unlikely to see driverless lorries and trucks on our highways in the next year or so, but certainly in the next decade it’s a distinct possibility.

Being aware of and adapting to the latest tech can ensure that your business has a smooth transition into changes in technology rather than a sharp shocking jolt. Find out more about six of the biggest threats to the trucking industry transportation business owners need to be aware of.