Independent freight forwarder network unveils new identity, at Toronto conference

For the past 15 years, the Hi-Tech Forwarder Network (HTFN) has been quietly providing shippers across the globe with extensive, customized, local solutions to their global freight forwarding and logistics needs. Initially created as a behind-the-scenes network of independent freight forwarders, HTFN members have provided each other with reliable service and strong local market knowledge, enabling member companies to offer their clients with dependable global service.

Today, tighter international security, increasingly complex shipping needs and requirements, disparate local customs regulations, ever-advancing technologies and shifting economic conditions means that local market knowledge has become more critical than ever before.

It’s no surprise, then, that HTFN has evolved into such a highly regarded organization, sought after by many of the world’s largest manufacturers and shippers for the local market expertise provided by network members.

New name, logo, web site

Just as the world marketplace continues to change, so too has HTFN. In response to the increased demand for the types of specialized services offered by its members, HTFN is now taking pursuing a more visible presence in the global shipping industry.

A new name was the first step; earlier this year the High-Tech Forwarder Network shorted its moniker to HTFN and added the tag line “Global Logistics Partner” to reflect the comprehensive nature of its services. A new logo was recently unveiled, as well as a new web site. At this October’s Worldwide HTFN Conference in Toronto, Canada, the organization will introduce members to a new marketing campaign designed to re-introduce the organization to new potential shipping clients.

The new website features a striking home page incorporating a more user-friendly site menu to help visitors navigate through the comprehensive offering of valuable information, tools and resources they need. Offering multiple case studies, regional profiles and the latest industry information, HTFN’s site is both an informational “bookmark” and a convenient way to find and request quotes and services directly.