Hi-Tech Solutions, Ltd. (HTS), a developer and provider of optical character recognition (OCR) computer vision systems, announced that it has begun providing a pre-configured container code recognition (CCR) gantry for ports and railway stations. The unique system contains all the equipment inside the gantry. It is based on HTS’s SeeGate2 container code recognition system, and on Concept Gantry, a unique modular gantry designed by Elbex Technologies. 
Unlike traditional gantries, where cameras and CCR systems are hung from the gantry’s upper part, or installed on the side pillars, thereby exposed to winds, rain and other weather and dust hazards, the unique gantry is based on hollow metal structures that contain the cameras, CCR systems, cables, illumination units and other electronic equipment, inside the gantry. Special windows provide the CCR systems with a very wide viewing angle. The windows are equipped with wipers, enabling high-quality pictures that are not affected by dust, rain or dirt.
The equipment can be pre-assembled, tuned and tested, saving a lot of installation time and trial and error tests in the field. The built-in electrical cabinet and the internally structured cabling protect the sensitive electrical and electronic instruments. 

The new system is waterproof and weatherproof, including extreme weather conditions. The gantry includes airflow spreaders and can be equipped with internal ventilation and air conditioning systems, preventing heating or freezing.
“The revolutionary gantry brings a new level of installation and maintenance simplicity to the critical sphere of identifying and recording containers as they enter or exit the port,” said Amnon Katchalski, VP Marketing and Sales, HTS. “It confirms our commitment to deliver the most advanced and comprehensive container code recognition systems to our customers, and to ensure that their investments in equipment are protected.”
HTS’s SeeGate2 system is a PC-Based container terminal gate processing system, ideally suited for recognition and recording of container code numbers, together with the truck plate numbers, chassis numbers, and others. A new enhanced version of SeeGate2 has innovative features, including the ability to record MPEG video clips of truck and payload from multiple views, and the ability to integrate smoothly with radiation portals, among others.
Concept Gantry is a modular, flexible and expandable gantry, enabling the user to start with a single lane and expand to multiple lanes, as long as the terminal grows. A special foundation design has been created to simplify the work, and to structure all the tubes needed for the different electronic products that are integrated with the gantry.