Cube IQ and IES supply chain application integration to set new industry standards

IES Ltd. and AMS filing solutions recently announced their partnership with load optimization software leader, MagicLogic.

IES is proud to announce their alliance with MagicLogic to incorporate MagicLogic’s Cube-IQ Load Planning system into IES’ supply chain management application.

“Our combined efforts will set new industry standards for delivering more performance and value from a supply chain application. Supply chains are extremely competitive. To outperform your competition you need to add value, reduce operating costs, decrease cycle time, increase communication and visibility, and provide complete supply chain integration. Load planning plays a critical role. Supply chain managers strive to ensure that full shipments are dispatched with the right goods at the right time. Packing containers with multiple shape/size objects with optimal efficiency requires maximizing cubic volume utilization, while ensuring that legally permissible limits are met. The improved volume utilization reduces shipping costs. The automated load plan slashes packing labor costs. Damages are reduced due to tighter packing. Safety is increased with balanced loads and allowances for unusable space. Time is saved by knowing exactly where items are packed,” said Andrew Bullen, President of IES Ltd.

The Cube-IQ loading optimizer was designed to handle both rectangular and irregular shaped containers such as Aircraft ULDs. Cube-IQ’s graphical user interface, with point-and-click and drag-and-drop, quickly builds loads. Just choose the container dimensions, package dimensions and stacking restrictions to create easy to understand loading instructions for container, truck, palletized, cartonized and furniture logistics. Plan hundreds of packages in one minute. Keep order items together whenever possible, pack boxes in picking sequence and pack in weight/density sequence. Automatically positions the centre of gravity for optimum safe and efficient weight distribution of the total load. Use in the estimating phase to determine available space to sell.

“The fit between the systems offered by IES and MagicLogic is perfect. The integration of load planning into software applied to international trade is a logical step for both companies, which will be of great benefit to the clients.” said Roy Jonker, President of Magic Logic Optimization Inc.

MagicLogic’s over 500 clients include Apple Computer, Lego, Electrolux, Lockheed Martin, DaimlerChrysler, Lufthansa, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Ford Motor Company, Schenker, Mitsubishi, Centers for Disease Control, La-Z-Boy, Pulaski, Lafarge, Martin Guitar and Pier 1.