IES, Ltd., a leader in software for the transportation industry, has seen significant growth over the past 12 months exceeding expectations.‘The recent influx of new clients coincides with IES’s 20th anniversary.

President & CEO, Andrew Bullen explains, ‘I believe that the recent increase in client base is due to our business model. IES positions itself as the software solution for the future of freight. One significant opportunity has been ISF.’ With ISF, we are specifically targeting and supporting the Customs Brokers.‘IES views all our customers as partners, and as such we were the first out the door with an ISF Solution that Brokers could offer to their customers.‘I believe that this is the fundamental reason why IES rocketed to the forefront of the industry in this arena.’

‘In regard to ISF in particular, there was a lot of heated debate in the industry regarding the impact that this would have on the trade community.‘One of the initial concerns was that sensitive information would be proliferated worldwide. IES offers the core technology to provide visibility and data entry to only authorized parties, thus securing and safeguarding confidential information.’

Bullen continues, ‘As we celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we have proved to be a major player that adapts to the industry’s needs. Prior to the ISF filing live date, we had been testing ISF with CBP for over six months, well ahead of the curve. Helping Customs test ISF proved to be well worth the effort not only in understanding and unraveling the complex regulation, but also providing a truly viable solution where the Broker would remain in control.’

‘Having the choice of a Web-Based Solution and a Desktop Application for ISF provides our clients the best of both worlds. IES strongly believes that Importers will want their trusted Customs Brokers to review and submit this data on their behalf ’ our solution allows that. Simply stated, IES is a Customs Brokers’ Solution for ISF.’