Worldwide logistics and forwarder grouping IFLN Inc and British Airways World Cargo (BA World Cargo) are creating a strategic partnership to increase their business together. The commitment from both parties recognises the potential of the IFLN member companies to utilize BA World Cargo’s global network, a benefit that will offer greater freighting possibilities to IFLN and its customers.

The new link, announced at IFLN’s recent membership conference in Dubai, UAE, further develops IFLN’s policy of building strategic supplier relationships with world class carriers for air and sea shipments. It also recognises IFLN’s ability to do business with customers and suppliers as one entity.

“One of the first aims of our agreement is to raise the profile of IFLN with BA World Cargo’s local offices worldwide and alert them to the business benefits we can offer each other. We applaud IFLN’s central purchasing approach and believe that our experience of managing these types of relationships will be beneficial,’ explained Andy Warwick, Manager Global Sales & Marketing.

Michel Vanlerberghe, president and founder of IFLN, commented: ‘The agreement with British Airways World Cargo provides a valuable new marketing tool for IFLN and its members and will make an important contribution in our drive to develop our global account business. It’s always been our position that IFLN should partner with best in class suppliers and we are delighted to be on board with British Airways,” he added.

Individual IFLN members are already BA World Cargo customers in some parts of the world, but the agreement will focus on increasing business mutually and developing creative ways of adding value to the group.

Mr. Warwick, who addressed the IFLN members in Dubai, summed up the new partnership, saying, “We look forward to building on the success that we already enjoy with a number of IFLN members and believe that there is real potential to develop a win-win business relationship.”