Software maker’s latest effort to streamline transport and logistics sector

Technology expert Imaginnovate today introduced a Logistics Studio to automate the transportation and logistics industry. Austin-based Imaginnovate characterized the Logistics Studio as a full service digital strategy and solution team dedicated to transportation and logistics.

Imaginnovate said its new business unit would provide Digital Strategy, Technology Roadmap, and Digital Solutions for supply chain clients. The tech developer said its goal is to liberate companies from cumbersome manual processes that hinder operations.

Imaginnovate said its Logistics Studio would develop automation software tailored to the business goals of transport and logistics companies. The company said it could dedicate development teams to clients, serving as de facto in-house IT units.

“We operate like an agency that helps companies define their business strategy, create a technology roadmap and then develop solutions,” explained Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli. “The Logistics Studio allows transportation and logistics companies of any size to have access to all the latest technologies.”

The Logistics Studio is the latest innovation from Imaginnovate, which introduced a Fleet Enable automation software platform last fall. The company said its Logistics Studio would work exclusively with transport and logistics sector clients, thereby maintaining industry expertise. Imaginnovate said its digital solutions would include everything from carrier relationship management systems to dynamic pricing.

According to Imaginnovate, explosive global trade growth is driving transport and logistics operators to automate. Labor-saving software enables them to contain costs and improve reliability, the company added. Imaginnovate said logistics software is now the differentiator in a hyper-competitive market.

“Companies that have been traditionally slow to invest in technology are starting to realize the need for technology tools which bring transparency, increase team efficiency and improve collaboration with all stakeholders,” said Mr. Vattipalli.

Imaginnovate said it employs more than 100 software developers to consult with clients in the Logistics Studio. The company said its engineering team would work from initial assessment through technology implementation.

“In the Logistics Studio, we start with an initial discovery session to develop a technology roadmap,” said Mr. Vattipalli. “Then we implement and upgrade; we become an innovation partner to produce new ideas.”