Impeva Labs, Inc., a global asset management firm, and Agility, a leading logistics provider, announced the successful deployment of an advanced service to track and monitor more than 365 trucks operating on 2,000-plus miles of remote roads across challenging terrain between depots in Dubai, Jordan and Iraq. This is the beginning of a multi-phased deployment to support Agility’s operations in the region.

The system was in full use less than three weeks from the start of the implementation, providing continuous tracking, monitoring and managing of shipments of critical goods and supplies to support troops in Iraq.

The Impeva system was deployed in a fraction of the time of conventional tracking systems. Impeva used embedded intelligence and multiple two-way communication links to improve the efficiency, quality of service, safety and security of the supply chain.

Agility, which provides logistics and freight management systems and transport vehicles, used Impeva’s global asset visibility system as part of a US Defense Department contract.

The Impeva integrated services use multiple two-way communications methods in on-vehicle devices. The technology uses global satellite networks, quad-band GSM/GPRS cellular and advanced short-range wireless technologies.

Impeva’s ‘smart’ device automatically routes real-time communications. The system operates on the lowest-cost available network, assuring the most immediate and cost-effective service, enabling confirmation and management between points anywhere on the globe, and assuring reliability even where there is no local communications infrastructure.

Impeva’s remote devices can report ’ or be queried—when a set of monitored conditions warrant communication, in contrast to systems that only operate at fixed intervals. The Impeva approach eliminates a costly data stream of useless ‘dumb babbling’ and extends battery life. Condition sets are currently programmable for over 40 user-defined geographic zones and can be reprogrammed at any time via remote uplink, along with upgrades to the device’s internal software. A pending software release will remotely upgrade all deployed devices to support up to 2,000 user defined geozone condition sets.

‘Impeva Labs has the only solution that can satisfy our full requirements for rapid, cost-effective deployment, reliability and functionality,’ said Dan Mongeon, president and CEO of Agility Defense & Government Services. ‘The flexibility of their system made it easy to integrate with Agility’s MicroTransport logistics managements system to provide a total end-to-end solution. Given the dynamics of global logistics, it is also important that the platform is flexible enough to support future enhancements.’

Tony Moroyan, president and CEO of Impeva Labs, said: ‘We have the greatest respect for Agility’s dynamic drive to provide the most reliable, cost-effective service available for global logistics and freight services. Agility’s requirements for quick deployment, easy integration, quality of service and future flexibility are a perfect fit for our capabilities. We look forward to working with them to roll out our integrated solution for supply chain and asset management around the globe.’