More than 260 top independent freight forwarders from all over the world gathered at the third annual Advanced Professional Logistics Network (APLN) conference, held in Bangkok, Thailand at the end of September.

The conference served as a forum where independent and regional forwarders could build personal and professional relationships leading to working partnerships for the future.

At the three-day meeting, held at the Plaza Athenee hotel in the Thai capital, the 263 delegates had many opportunities for both informal and formal meetings and also heard presentations from leading freight-forwarding technology suppliers as well as top WCA Family executives who outlined forthcoming enhancements of APLN membership benefits.

Using the WCA Family of Logistic Networks’ proven meeting format, the morning presentations were followed by pre-arranged “one-on-one” individual face to face meetings during which forwarders personally explored common needs and opportunities, cementing solid mutual business. More than 1,000 such individual meetings were scheduled and held at the APLN event.

WCA Family founder and president David Yokeum commented, “For building the trust which is crucial to a good business relationship, there is no substitute for talking face to face with fellow agents. Attendance at the latest APLN meeting has been more than 50 percent higher than at last year’s event, demonstrating that members understand the opportunity it affords to do lasting business. Members have been telling me they are doing even more business now than at previous meetings as the working relationships previously established with fellow members grow deeper.”

Associated events included a welcome cocktail party, dinner and awards gala, a golf tournament and sightseeing tours, giving delegates further opportunities for socializing and developing the personal bonds so important in building long-lasting business relations.