India’s Trade Minister Anand Sharma said New Delhi had resolved a dispute with the European Union over the seizures of generic medicines, according to a Press Trust of India report.

“(The) EU has accepted our position and amended their rules. We have got understanding on this issue,” Sharma said, the news agency reported.

Indian trade officials did not immediately confirm to Reuters the dispute had been resolved. An official at the EU mission in Geneva, where the World Trade Organisation is based, was unable to confirm the report.

Asked whether India will withdraw its complaint from the World Trade Organisation, the minister said: “Yes. We do not want to be in conflict,” the agency quoted him as saying.

India, along with Brazil, had launched a trade dispute against the EU in May over the seizure of generic medicines in transit to developing countries.

The row, which has rumbled in the backdrop of negotations for a free trade deal between India and EU, pitted the intellectual property rights of pharmaceuticals corporations against access to affordable medicine for people in poor countries.

The case dates back to the seizure by Dutch customs in December 2008 of a blood pressure drug en route from India to Brazil. (Reuters)