Total Movements, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, successfully delivered critical power generation equipment from India Door-to-UK Port in a record time of 30 days.
The multimodal movement comprised six units of Super Heaters, which were moved from the supplier's factory in India to the discharge port in the United Kingdom.

The key highlights of this movement were:
- Coverage of a distance of 1800km to reach the load port from the supplier's factory within a week's time.
- Management of a large convoy of vehicles in the middle of monsoons.
- Advance preparation on customs documentation to make cargo export worthy immediately upon reaching port.
- Selection and booking with the right carrier with the best technical and transit time parameters.
- Detailed discussions and deliberations on loading methodology with the carrier's team and port authorities to ensure safe loading of cargo.
The Total Movements team remained steadfast, continuously tracked the transportation status, obtained local permissions, delivered the cargo to the load port, loaded all units on the designated vessel, and safely delivered the entire consignment in a safe and time-bound manner.