One of the main access roads to Indonesia’s biggest port, Tanjung Priok in north Jakarta, collapsed, but so far there has been no impact on loading or unloading goods, a port spokesman said.

A section about 100 metres long in the concrete road connecting the Ancol area in north Jakarta with Tanjung Priok port collapsed and disappeared into the river beneath, causing severe traffic disruption.

“The access to go out from the port to Ancol can still be used, however the traffic will be disrupted from Ancol to the port. This will cause problems getting into the port,” Eddy Haristiani, Pelindo II spokesman, told Reuters.

“It will not affect the loading and unloading activities,” he added.

The collapsed road is one of the three main roads used by container trucks to reach the port. The two other access roads are still open but are expected to have additional heavy traffic.

The deputy public works minister told news portal Detik that the ministry is considering replacing the road with a bridge, but gave no details.

Indonesia’s economic growth, seen at over 6 percent this year thanks to strong domestic demand, has been held in check for years because of the government’s underinvestment in new and existing infrastructure including roads, railways, ports and power plants.

Foreign investors cite poor infrastructure, alongside graft, red tape, and an unpredictable legal system, as a serious obstacle to investment. (Reuters)