Matthew Leffler joins the collaborative trailer marketplace as its Vice President of Trailer Solutions and Maxime Fafard will serve as Vice President of Technology

Hub, a collaborative trailer repositioning and sharing marketplace, today announced that two new executives with industry and technology experience have joined the company. Matthew Leffler, who most recently served as Director of Business Development for Decisiv and Region Vice President of Sales for Dickinson Fleet Services, joins vHub as its Vice President of Trailer Solutions. Maxime Fafard, co-founder and CTO of Sofdesk, will serve as Vice President of Technology at vHub.

“We are excited to have these two experts join us and support our growing community of users,” said Sébastien Blouin, president of vHub. “Matthew Leffler is an experienced executive with a deep understanding of the trailing equipment industry who has consistently grown companies by championing new business development through digital transformation and continuous improvement in user experience. Maxime Fafard is an architect at problem solving and an expert at putting pieces together and making them work flawlessly and effortlessly. An entrepreneur at heart, he likes to build businesses and products that satisfy customer needs using technology in a novel way. With both their skills sets we will be better positioned to keep vHub moving in the right direction.”

“For over a decade I have worked with fleets of all sizes to maximize the value of their trailing assets,” Leffler said. “Joining vHub allows me to better serve the trailing equipment community by increasing utilization while simultaneously driving out cost and empty miles. It is an exciting time in the industry, and vHub is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the innovations we see in trailing equipment today.”

“The trucking industry always fascinated me, and vHub was the opportunity I was waiting for as the next step in my career,” Fafard said. “My mission now is to scale the feature set and help ensure that vHub plays an important role in the technological revolution in the trucking industry.”

vHub is a rapidly and steadily growing community that turns unused trailers into revenue generating equipment by making them available to short term users in a secure, trusted, digital platform. In the online vHub platform search results can be sorted by location, routes and destinations, and the number of rental days that a trailer is needed or available. vHub creates a legally binding rental contract, handles invoicing and payments, and transfers rental funds to trailer owners.