Recently opened lanes servicing Minneapolis and Salt Lake City have proved fast and reliable along with core lane offerings servicing the greater Chicago area and the East Coast

Over the past two years, Infinity Intermodal launched its new expedited intermodal service to/from the greater Chicago area from/to Salt Lake City (in 2020), and to/from Washington State and Oregon from/to the greater Minneapolis area (in 2019), and company leaders are satisfied with the results.

According to Nate Lawson, the Vice President of Freight Services and Operations at Infinity Intermodal, transit times in these recently opened lanes, Washington State/Oregon to and from the greater Minneapolis area, and the greater Chicago area to and from Salt Lake City, are only three (3) days door-to-door and have met expectations for velocity and service targets. Stated Lawson, "While our service and lane offerings network-wide continue to drive value for our customers, we are pleased with the speed, reliability and consistency of service in these newer lanes launched in 2019 and 2020."

Lawson also remarked that Infinity remains focused on its expedited service from the greater Chicago area (which includes large portions of Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan) to Washington State and Oregon, where transit times are reliably four (4) days door-to-door: "Our 4-day service from Chicago and surrounding markets to the Pacific Northwest allows us to serve a variety of market segments and commodities, including frozen, perishable and dry goods. The PNW region's domestic demand growth and export/import capacity make it doubly attractive in the short and long term."

Infinity Intermodal's cumulative service offerings include expedited, temperature-controlled and dry, full truckload, door-to-door domestic intermodal service from/to the following Northwest intermodal ramps: Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Salt Lake City to/from the following various Midwest and East Coast areas: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Infinity Intermodal's expedited service departing from/returning to intermodal ramps in Seattle, Portland & Spokane (six days per week) and Salt Lake City (seven days per week) provides dense service coverage to/from nearly all of Washington State, most of western and northern Oregon, a large portion of southern Idaho and northern Utah, with consistent and fast door-to-door service from/to the above mentioned major Midwest and East Coast markets.

Infinity Intermodal's door-to-door transit times (from/to Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and Utah) are typically 3 to 4 days to/from most Midwest markets and 6 to 7 days to/from most East Coast markets, making Infinity Intermodal as fast as long-haul trucks.

Additionally, Infinity Intermodal is recognized by EPA as a SmartWay Partner for reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.  For example, according to railroad industry Carbon Estimator tools, shipping on an Infinity Intermodal container from/to the Pacific Northwest to/from the Midwest (i.e...greater Chicago area) reduces carbon emissions by approximately 50% versus shipping the same cargo on a long-haul truck.