Info-X Software Technology, an India-based software solutions and back-office service provider for the transportation industry, announced plans to aggressively expand its business in the U.S. It is focusing on its growing markets of NVOCCs and freight forwarders who are realizing the immense benefits of cost reduction and sales growth by utilizing back-office services. Info-X is also expanding into other important sectors of the industry, including warehousing and trucking. This announcement was made Monday, July 14 at the Newark Club at a roundtable media luncheon.

“To date, we have been steadily growing our business with U.S. NVOCCs and freight forwarders by delivering high quality, low cost products, which have resulted in loyal, long-term partnerships,” said Rishi Parti, Director, Info-X. “We plan to leverage the success achieved by our existing clients as we take a more aggressive approach to the U.S. market, significantly increasing awareness of our products and services, which can be applied to all areas of the industry.”

In addition, Mr. Parti noted: “Info-X has taken a major stride this year making strategic investments and is partnering with other US-based software providers with complementary products and services.”

Since 2001, Info-X has organically grown its business from a three-man team to a fully trained staff of 150 and has expanded its operations to 15 countries. Furthermore, it boasts a newly built, $5 million, 20,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility with a robust infrastructure in Gurgaon, the high-tech center of India, outside New Delhi. This growth is a result of the company consistently providing products and services that increase productivity and decrease expenditures for its clients.

Info-X instills confidence in its clients by demonstrating a full understanding of the complexities impacting the transportation industry, especially those caused by the ever-changing marketplace, expansion of geographical territories and increased regulations.

In addition to being a tariff publisher with the FMC, Info-X provides end-to-end back-office services as well as a full suite of logistic software solutions for the entire business chain, including rate filing, carrier contract management, bill of lading entries, arrival notice entries, auditing, AES/CAED filing and cargo tracking. The company provides a fully responsive system to keep up with the constant updates, increased volumes, new regulations and complex operational issues.