InfraGard Louisiana President and Port of South Louisiana Safety Risk Agency Manager Lester Millet III was recently awarded the 2020 (GTSC) Government Technology & Services Coalition Homeland Security Today Citizen of Mission Award. The Citizen of Mission award goes to an individual who devotes their personal time, energy, and resources to work for causes related to homeland security. Volunteers, nonprofit leaders, corporate employees, anyone is eligible for nomination as long as they devote time and dedicated effort to supporting the homeland mission.

Lester Millet, President at InfraGard Louisiana

A tireless leader, Lester Millet III joined InfraGard Louisiana in 2008, where his endeavor began to make the chapter a model for the rest of the United States. His contributions in planning and organizing critical conference and training experiences have been invaluable and his recent effort, the All Hazard School Safety Toolkit, is no different.

Millet drafted and developed this Toolkit, shared with national leaders, with the intent of it becoming the national model as proved by its success within the InfraGard Louisiana School safety Initiative. It is considered one of the most comprehensive in the country – receiving high praise direct from FBI headquarters.

Beyond his efforts at InfraGard, Millet serves as Sector Chief and Chairman at one of the largest Facility Security Officer Workgroups, where his efforts have been instrumental to project successes. He also gives