An advanced, high-speed, high-capacity monorail system similar to the one proposed to ease Los Angeles traffic congestion, hit a major milestone when the first Bahia SkyRail vehicle rolled off the BYD production line.

The SkyRail vehicle, with its autonomous driving technology and futuristic design, will be sent to Salvador, Brazil where it will operate on a 14.5-mile line linking the city’s central business district to São João Island.

The announcement highlights BYD plans to build SkyRail in Los Angeles. BYD is part of LA SkyRail Express (LASRE), a team proposing a straddle rail system to link the San Fernando Valley to LA’s Westside and its international airport. The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) recently awarded the LASRE team a contract to further develop its proposal.

If chosen by LA Metro to build the system, BYD has committed to building a SkyRail factory in nearby Lancaster. The smooth, comfortable ride and intelligent design of SkyRail will bring passengers a more pleasant and convenient travel experience, said Stella Li, President of BYD Motors Inc.

“BYD will continue to work hard with its leading new energy technology and high-quality rail transit offerings to help cities around the world build low-carbon transportation and achieve sustainable development,” Li said.