Intermarine has moved its Asian headquarters from Seoul to Shanghai. Mr. Richard Seeg, Intermarine’s Area Manager - Asia, will continue his responsibility for the overall commercial direction and control of Intermarine’s services and agents throughout Asia from the Shanghai office.

“This move is a direct reflection of China’s continuing growth in the Asia trading theater,” commented Mr. Seeg on the move. “We have regularly served China to and from the USA. While Korea, Japan and the other Asian countries continue to be very important, we can attest first hand to China’s rapid growth in both the receipt and fabrication of project cargo.”

In addition to Mr. Seeg’s presence in Shanghai, Intermarine will continue to be operationally represented in China by its long time agent, Tri-Orient. Mr. Seeg continued, “Tri-Orient has provided us outstanding logistics management for our vessels and cargo over the last decade. Working in China with Tri-Orient’s support will allow us to provide a more responsive service to our customers.”

From New Orleans, Roger Kavanagh, the President of Intermarine commented, “We posted Richard to Seoul more than three years ago as the balance of freight control began to shift to Asia. Now this transfer to Shanghai is another step to keep current with the changing Asian trade scene. We are pleased to have such an adaptable manager in place and are certain Richard will continue his excellent representation of Intermarine.”

Captain DC LEE will continue to oversee operational matters in Asia from the Intermarine office in Seoul. Intercontinental, Intermarine’s General Agent in Korea, will maintain the line’s commercial presence in Korea.