INTTRA, the leading e-commerce portal for the ocean freight industry, today announces the availability of INTTRA Idle Container Management (ICM), an intuitive, on-demand shipment management solution that allows shippers and freight forwarders to manage exceptions in the ocean container supply chain quickly and efficiently. INTTRA ICM allows customers visibility across multiple ocean carriers, customers and locations and to receive alerts if a particular shipment is not moving as planned. User-defined alert thresholds allow shippers to focus on and then resolve potential problems before they escalate.

Containers not moving to plan create physical vulnerabilities, customer delivery uncertainty and higher costs to the supply chain due to excess inventory and demurrage. By leveraging INTTRA’s comprehensive global network of carriers and trading partners, INTTRA ICM merges commercial and operational data into information that shippers and freight forwarders can use to avoid costly delays at critical supply chain junctures. The three key components of INTTRA ICM allow shippers to track, control and share supply chain data to meet business critical needs:

’ Track - INTTRA ICM provides visibility throughout the supply chain in order to track all active shipments based on business needs and to manage shipments via multiple references, including Booking, BL and PO Number. INTTRA ICM also identifies key operational details, including the latest container event and location, and vessel / voyage information both at the shipment and container level.

’ Control - INTTRA ICM helps transform data into the information that shippers and their customers need to run a global supply chain. User defined alarms, searches and filters make identifying and addressing potential problems easy and intuitive. Searches can be filtered by carrier, customer, vessel / voyage, references and other criteria relevant to a particular business.

‘Collaborate - INTTRA ICM makes it easy to share information, both within an organization as well as with the organization’s global trading partners. User defined exception alerts help internal teams consistently identify and respond to potential issues in the global supply chain. The intuitive ICM data export feature also allows organizations to quickly forward shipment details to the necessary business units or partners.

“Visibility of supply chain data is crucial to the growth and success of the logistics industry,” said John DeBenedette, Vice President of Commercial, INTTRA. “With the availability of INTTRA Idle Container Management we are providing companies with a simple-to-use comprehensive solution that enables them to take greater control of their supply chain.”