Iran said Tuesday’s talks to salvage its nuclear deal with world powers won’t succeed unless they lead to the full and guaranteed removal of U.S. sanctions.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Saeed Khatibzadeh, said it was up to the European Union, China and Russia to ensure that Washington “corrects” its path and provides the guaranteed and verifiable removal of bruising penalties on Iran’s economy imposed by former President Donald Trump.

“If we can reach an agreement on the comprehensive lifting of sanctions with the P4+1 and they can guarantee U.S. commitments, the path will be opened,” Khatibzadeh said. He was referring to the four permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany that remain party to the accord.

The U.S. will be present at talks involving Iran and those world powers in Vienna on Tuesday, but officials in Tehran insist there won’t be any direct or indirect discussions with any American counterparts.

Khatibzadeh said that the “window of opportunity” to break the deadlock with the U.S. over how to salvage the deal won’t close if the talks don’t deliver a breakthrough, but warned it “won’t remain open forever.”

Iran breached some of the limits on its nuclear program more than a year after Trump abandoned the deal that was championed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, and reimposed crippling sanctions. Tehran has since repeatedly rebuffed direct talks with the Biden administration on reviving the pact.

On Sunday, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi also ruled out the prospect of a “step-by-step” initiative for lifting sanctions and returning to nuclear deal commitments.