Evrokhim, Russia’s largest producer of mineral fertilizers, said it will be able to resume deliveries of carbamide-ammoniac mix to the US after the International Trade Commission agreed to rescind anti-dumping duties on it.

The duties had priced Evrokhim out of the US market after they were introduced in April 2002. Prior to that, the company had supplied around 500,000 to 600,000 tons a year, primarily from its OAO Nevinnomysk Azot plant in southern Russia and its Novomoskovsk plant in the Tula region northwest of Moscow.

The mineral fertilizer business had been one of the more contentious issues in Russia’s agreement with the European Union over entry to the World Trade Organization. However, the ITC’s ruling would appear to suggest that it will be less of an issue with the US, with whom Russia is still negotiating WTO entry. (Dow Jones)