Gil Carmichael named Founding Chairman; Tom Finkbiner assumes role of Senior Chairman

In its semi-annual Board of Directors meeting held in Washington, DC, the Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI) at the University of Denver installed newly elected Stephen G. Branscum, Group Vice President of Consumer Products Marketing at BNSF Railway, as the new Chairman of its 50-member Board and elected several people to new leadership roles.

Gilbert E. Carmichael, one of the founders of ITI 10 years ago and previously Senior Chairman of the Board, has transitioned into the new role of Founding Chairman; and Thomas L. Finkbiner, previously Chairman of the Board, has assumed the position of Senior Chairman. Both, as highly respected industry leaders, remain actively involved in their roles as spokesmen for ITI and the intermodal transportation industry. In addition, Steven R. Blust, President of the Institute of International Container Lessors, Ltd. (IICL), was elected to membership on the Board.

“I’m honored to be elected chairman of an organization that is vital to promoting a global, ethical, seamless intermodal transportation system through educational programs, research projects, and outreach activities,” said Branscum. “With both international and domestic freight and passenger transportation demand forecasted to grow significantly in the next 25 years, it is imperative that we have the programs and training in place to prepare the next generation of intermodal leaders. It is programs like the graduate program at ITI that will not only develop the next generation of managers and leaders, but also create ambassadors and advocates for the necessary changes and funding that will benefit our industry so that our nation remains competitive in the global economy.”

‘ITI has realized tremendous growth and success in its first decade of existence,’ said Carmichael. ‘Under the strong chairmanship of Tom Finkbiner, ITI has educated about 100 transportation managers and influenced an entire generation of transportation leaders in the new ‘science of intermodal transportation’. These management professionals are now in leadership positions within the transportation industry, and their understanding of intermodalism bodes well for both the future of ITI and the entire transportation industry.’

‘The emergence of this new breed of freight and passenger transportation leadership comes at a time when creating awareness of the need for intermodal development is of paramount concern to the future development of an integrated intermodal transportation network in our international business environment,’ said Finkbiner. ‘Steve Branscum is a top tier leader in the transportation industry and has been a strong supporter of ITI for many years. His election to the position of Board chairman will add a highly-respected voice to the public discourse required to accomplish both the policy and infrastructure changes necessary to meet the global transportation challenges we face.’