Advent has announced the successful launch of a new central terminal management system for the International Transportation Services (ITS) Long Beach, California container terminal.

ITS, a terminal management and stevedoring company based in Long Beach, CA, operates three West Coast terminals (Long Beach, Tacoma, and Oakland) with a total annual throughput of over 1.5 million teus. ITS replaced their legacy system with the new terminal management system, automating each of their terminal locations with a complete yard, vessel, on-dock rail, operations planning and execution, and a fully automated gate interface.

ITS compared several off the shelf products to Advent’s solution. The company selected Advent to provide a customized product, leveraging their extensive knowledge base and experience. Advent’s project team, led by Roger Kaikini and Parvez Mansuri, developed a complete working system within two years.

With its centralized architecture and configurable business rule implementation, ITS Operations has a flexible system that effectively interfaces with the shipping lines and third party service providers.

“We are very pleased that a customized terminal management system of this scale has been implemented so successfully,” stated Kiyoichi Kojitani, Vice President of Information Technology at ITS. “This new system has enabled us to achieve record gate transactions,” concluded Mr. Kojitani.

“There is no other software product in the market today that allows the flexibility of the ITS Terminal Operating System.” stated Roger Kaikini, Chief Operating Officer at Advent. “ITS now has the ability to quickly bring additional terminals online within days compared to other products which can take months.”