Jade Software Corporation (Jade)’s terminal operating system, Jade Master Terminal, is playing a central role in readying Baltic port DCT Gdansk for a significant contract with Maersk Line, the world’s largest container operator. Services with Maersk are scheduled to begin on 1 December 2008, marking a pivotal point in the development of the terminal, which became fully operational in October 2007.

DCT Gdansk announced in September that Maersk will switch its Polish operations from a competitor in Gdynia to the new deepwater container terminal in Gdansk. A team from DCT Gdansk and Jade is now engaged in an intense period of development and testing to integrate the terminal’s EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems with Maersk’s business processes. Jade Master Terminal’s highly configurable EDI engine facilitates the efficient and timely interchange of live operational data between all related parties. This enables DCT Gdansk to offer more competitive turn-around times and enhanced customer service to shipping lines by exceeding EDI standards available in other Polish ports, and providing customized solutions for freight forwarders.

Jade has already proven its ability to quickly meet the needs of DCT Gdansk’s customers. In December 2007, with less than three weeks notice, DCT Gdansk and Jade developed a system to facilitate the processing of the terminal’s first car carrier when major shipping line WWL transferred 1700 Mitsubishi vehicles through its roll-on roll-off facilities.

Michael Pearce, DCT Gdansk’s CIO, says “Jade Software’s speed and flexibility continues to impress. The inherent development advantages of the Jade technology platform allows an organization to continuously align its IT strategies and initiatives with business needs – delivering a real set of competitive advantages to the market place. As a company we have benefited from Jade’s ‘near shore’ operating model which puts domain experts into the locale of our operation, fully supported by the development team in Christchurch, New Zealand.”

DCT Gdansk has recorded constantly improving productivity levels since it began commercial operations, and now exceeds 12,000 TEU (twenty foot equivalent units) per month.  Maersk’s presence is expected to boost Gdansk’s volumes by over 100% to over 25,000 TEU per month.  Jade Master Terminal, recognized for its ability to scale to manage large volumes, will track and control the location of every single container going through the port.

Automated logistics and EDI also enable more effective communication with Polish freight forwarders, dramatically improving the level of service offered to these customers. Jade Master Terminal is now installed on more than 800 desktops within DCT Gdansk customers, allowing users to directly access all of their trading details online, in real time on any day or night of the year.

In response to increased requirements from current and prospective customers, Jade has actively recruited additional development and support staff, doubling the size of its Jade Master Terminal team over the past year.

Gavin Mitchell, Head of Sales, Marketing and Channels at Jade Software, says “We offer DCT Gdansk and other customers a development-led relationship, one in which we adapt to their needs rather than the other way around. We are excited to be contributing in a tangible way to the commercial success of DCT Gdansk’s fast growing operations.”

The DCT Gdansk terminal offers year-round ice-free access to container vessels with drafts of up to 15m, offering perfect conditions to serve as a gateway to Poland and central Europe and as a transshipment hub to St Petersburg and the rest of the Baltic.