JALCARGO has rejoined Cargo 2000 after a gap of six years to ‘improve service levels and satisfy customer requirements.’

The airline was one of the original members of Cargo 2000 before withdrawing from the group in 2000. Given the progress Cargo 2000 has achieved in the past two years, JALCARGO says now is the right time to renew its commitment as an Industry Associate member.

Shigeo Akiba, Vice President Planning & Marketing, Cargo at Japan Airlines, said, ‘We have been constantly monitoring Cargo 2000’s development and since it is now planning to begin publishing initial data for Phase Two of the program in the fourth quarter of 2006, we have decided to join again. We believe this is the right time for us as it allows us a catch-up period before the implementation of Phase Two.

‘We are looking forward to being part of the group again. We fully understand the need for paperless trade and transportation and e-customs formalities to meet security requirements. Controlling and monitoring cargo processes to meet just-in-time production systems are becoming of greater and greater importance to the air cargo industry and its customers. Under such circumstances, as part of Cargo 2000, we expect to not only improve our service levels but also satisfy our customers’ requirements by providing seamless cargo process information to them.’

After an initial period, JALCARGO expects to take up full membership of Cargo 2000.

The airline’s decision has been warmly welcome by Cargo 2000, the group’s Chairman, Mick Fountain, also CEO ’ Global Freight Management of Exel, said, ‘To become an industry standard, we need the world’s top air cargo companies to be participating in Cargo 2000 and there is no question that JALCARGO is one of these organizations. It is especially significant that the airline is rejoining Cargo 2000 because after some uncertainty in the past, it now understands the momentum behind our group, the commitment of our members and the commercial benefits of membership.

‘This also sends another important signal to other forwarding companies around the world to take a closer look at the benefits of being part of Cargo 2000. JALCARGO has listened to many of its major forwarding customers that wanted the airline to be part of Cargo 2000 and, as a forwarder, I know more and more of our customers are showing the same levels of interest. We are delighted to welcome JALCARGO back to our group.’