John S. Connor, Inc. has recently completed the shipment of 22 guitars, owned by a London-based rock star, for sale in the US. The owner, Bernie Marsden, was a lead guitarist for the internationally known rock group Whitesnake, which had hit records in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

John S. Connor handled the shipment for Jim’s Guitars, a music store in Baltimore, who has been selected by Marsden to sell the guitars to musicians and guitar collectors. One of the guitars, a classic 1959 Les Paul, is the standard by which all other guitars are judged, and is valued at over $100,000. The total value of all 22 guitars is approximately $750,000.

“The 1959 Les Paul’s are very rare,” stated Jim Singleton, owner of Jim’s Guitars. “There were only about 200 of them made, and most of those are in private collections and are not for sale.”

The guitars were shipped in a container via air freight from Heathrow Airport to BWI Airport in Baltimore. The $100,000 guitar, however, was hand carried on the same flight by Pat Grissinger, an employee of Jim’s Guitars.

Connor representatives Dale Harrison, manager, and Dana Longdo, import supervisor, were there to oversee the arrival of the guitars, and the ground shipment to Jim’s Guitars.

“Connor provided us with professional, top quality service,” said Singleton.

“They did everything in their power to make sure we had control over the packaging in the UK, and the receipt in Baltimore. They couldn’t have done a better job.”