Lee Connor, president of John S. Connor has announced that the company has opened an office in Shanghai, China. “Our goal is to establish a stronger trade lane between China and the east coast of the United States,” Connor stated.

Two representatives of John S. Connor, Richard Higgins, director of sales and marketing, and Laura Hayes, marketing manager, recently visited China to oversee the opening of the Shanghai office, which is located in the Maryland China Center. The center was established by the State of Maryland’s Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) which has a program that assists Maryland companies to enter foreign markets.

“Although we will still handle shipments to and from the west coast of the

US this trade lane to east coast ports will be of great value for shippers looking to avoid the congestion,” stated Higgins. “Also, the mid-Atlantic area offers a viable and cost effective alternative to moving traditional freight through New York and New Jersey because of dependable shipping times at lower costs.”

The Shanghai office of John S. Connor will enhance the company’s ability to service shipping customers in China with all logistics aspects including operations, internet tracking and tracing of shipments, customs clearance, and billing matters. “We currently have many customers using our services and importing from China,” stated Laura Hayes. “Our presence there takes our customer service aspect to the next level.”