Maritime Cabotage Task Force (‘MCTF’) thanked its retiring Chairman, Philip M. Grill, for his 14 years of leadership of the labor/management coalition that promotes the Jones Act and other US maritime cabotage laws in Washington. Grill, who retired as Vice President ’ Government Relations for Matson Navigation Company, Inc., on July 31, has chaired MCTF since its founding in September 1995. Under his leadership, three Administrations and eight Congresses have consistently supported the Jones Act and a strong US-flag merchant marine.

‘The Jones Act and other US maritime cabotage laws were facing their most serious challenge ever when Phil agreed to be Chairman of MCTF upon its launch,’ said James L. Henry, President of the Transportation Institute, also a founding member of MCTF. ‘A well-organized campaign of disinformation had some legislators favoring repealing the Jones Act and other US maritime cabotage laws. Under Phil’s leadership, the US-flag domestic industry banded together like never before and the Jones Act has remained the unshakeable foundation of US domestic maritime policy. I know I speak for every segment of the Jones Act industry when I thank Phil for his untiring efforts to keep our domestic fleet US-owned, -built, and -crewed.’

Grill in turn thanked his colleagues in the Jones Act industry for their support during his tenure as the MCTF Chairman. ‘MCTF has become regarded as the best and broadest coalition of interests in Washington because of its members. But what is most important is what MCTF stands for ’ a strong US-flag merchant marine that supports our economy and our national defense capabilities and is a world leader in efficiency and innovation. It has been a privilege to represent this industry.’

Grill has long been recognized as an expert on maritime matters. Prior to joining Matson in 1980, he served for 5 years as Minority Staff Counsel to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. He has been Matson’s Vice President ’ Government Relations, since 1986. (MCTF)