IAS’ InterBox(r) system to speed “K” Line’s domestic container operations

“K” Line America, Inc.‘s domestic arm, The Rail-Bridge Corp (RBC) announced at the IANA Intermodal Expo that it is launching the InterBox(r) intermodal reservation system of global asset management solutions provider International Asset Systems (IAS). RBC is using InterBox to automate its growing domestic container program moving through “K” Line America’s extensive US rail ramp and facilities network. The reservation system will officially go live on November 17 and will handle domestic bookings of “K” Line’s container fleet as it traverses North America.

“By using this online booking system, we are able to better use our manpower by reducing the time our customer service people are on the phone dealing with booking issues and instead allowing them to be more customer focused,” said Abby Eckert, General Manager Logistics, “K” Line. “We polled our customers before moving forward with InterBox and over 80% of them strongly support and are familiar with the program, which will greatly ease its implementation”.

Ms. Eckert added that RBC domestic market grew around 12% last year, doubling in the Chicago area most notably, and is expected to grow robustly in 2006. InterBox consolidates domestic regional inventories and makes them available online, 24/7. RBC’s domestic customers, nearly 100 Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs), can search for and book containers needed in a particular location by viewing what’s available via InterBox. Container inventory data continuously populates the growing intermodal reservation system.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to add “K” Line to the InterBox system. This will not only enrich the market with a larger selection of ISO boxes and locations for the IMCs, but will also enable “K” Line to fast track its growth opportunities domestically,” said Tim Odell, Vice President Intermodal, IAS.