Experience gained in previous projects handling rolling stock logistics, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, Kaleido Logistics, a member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Spain, is once again taking on another project to bring mobility to Northern Ireland. Last station: Belfast

CAF multinational is a leader in railway industry services, specialized in the design and manufacture of transport systems, always at the forefront of the sector, from a technological and sustainable point of view, to make mobility possible all around the world. Its technology for short and long-distance trains, metros or buses can be found in all continents. But once the wagons are manufactured, they need to be transported to their destination and Kaleido was prepared for this challenge as they performed their first rolling stock transport project in 2018.

For this project Kaleido handled the transport from the factory to its final destination transporting by road 70 wagons in special trucks to the Port of Bilbao, then loaded in 9 shipments to travel to Tees Port in the United Kingdom. Once at the destination port they were unloaded directly to the train tracks to roll to Glasgow, thus combining land, sea and rail transport.

Next challenge: a project to New Zealand to transport 45 wagons to the other side of the world, and Kaleido was ready for taking up this challenge. By means of special trucks from the factory to the Port of Santander, where 11 shipments were required for shipping all units in a long journey to Auckland. Once there, the wagons were unloaded to trucks and then transferred to the railways to reach the destination depot.

The next project is again a door to door one, 21 wagons will be transported from factory to the depot in Belfast, and CAF trusts once again in Kaleido’s expertise as logistics operator to handle it, by land and sea, up to delivery to depot at destination.