More than 50% of all Cargo 2000 shipments are now being monitored by Traxon Europe

KLM Cargo is now using the Traxon CDMP system to monitor the quality of all of its cargo shipping processes worldwide. KLM Cargo is the fourth major cargo airline − after Lufthansa Cargo, Air France Cargo and Martinair − to choose Traxon CDMP. A web-based application based on IATA’s Cargo 2000 quality initiative specification, the tool allows KLM Cargo to measure its performance as per Cargo 2000 requirements, as well as generating the required regular monthly reports. In addition, the system provides options for deeper analysis in KLM Cargo’s data warehouse by combining official Cargo 2000 quality figures with its own internal data. With the migration of KLM Cargo, Traxon CDMP now monitors more than 50% of all shipments of Cargo 2000 group members.

Traxon CDMP helps airlines to continuously improve their airfreight processes while reducing internal operating costs and, most importantly, further enhancing customer satisfaction. It also supports close cooperation with forwarders, who, as Cargo 2000 members, have the same data set. The system offers a state-of-the-art, user-friendly web interface with a wide range of options for analyzing data. For example, users can benefit from highly detailed error descriptions at each process milestone and the complete data history of a shipment throughout its life cycle. This knowledge allows both airline and forwarder to identify the root causes of failures in the logistics chain and, by taking appropriate action, to improve reliability and on-time performance.

Traxon recently received Cargo 2000 certification, meaning the company’s quality management system has been officially confirmed by IATA to comply with Cargo 2000 standards in measuring and recording airport-to-airport shipments.

Kester Meijer, Director Shipment and Payload Logistics with KLM Cargo, played a major role in the decision to use Traxon’s CDMP to optimize efficiency. ‘Having aligned with Air France Cargo, we thought it would be better to combine our CDMPs and use a single provider. At KLM Cargo we now have the ability to structurally measure our quality as well as to identify and act on pockets of non-quality. This enables us to improve the dialogue with our customers regarding quality improvements, ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction. First-line managers finally have a tool at their disposal to identify real problem areas and to do something about them.’

‘The broad portfolio of messaging services and the dedication of Traxon employees were key factors in choosing Traxon. What’s more, their willingness to think outside the box and further enhance CDMP is important for innovation. While the system might be good enough for today’s requirements, adapting it to a rapidly changing environment is the key to the future.’