With more than 30 years advising industry leaders, Chip Knowlton has joined HDR as infrastructure consulting business transformation director.

Infrastructure development is taking center stage around the globe, with new funding and political attention devoted to improving the built world around us. Knowlton will advise HDR’s public and private clients as they transform their teams, processes and structures to meet the challenges of efficiently creating and maintaining this infrastructure.

Providing holistic consulting services, Knowlton will work closely with other HDR experts in asset management, organizational strategic planning, policy development, business process review and improvement, organizational change management and digital/technology strategy. He joins an operational resiliency team that offers strategic expertise in economics, funding, equity, risk management, communications and more. Knowlton’s organizational level insights will be matched with HDR’s strong history of technical and engineering acumen to create a powerful tool for organizational change.

“This is an important time for infrastructure owners, many of whom are embarking on capital and business improvement projects buoyed by new funding streams,” Knowlton said. “I look forward to bringing the capabilities of HDR to assist these organizations in leveraging the power of their people, processes and technology to deliver their products and services more efficiently, cost effectively and safely.”

Knowlton’s background in advisory services includes infrastructure enterprise asset management, business transformations, industrial account portfolio management, software and services sales, and process improvement in commercial and public sectors. Previously, he founded a management consulting firm that aids asset-intensive public and private sector companies in optimizing the value of their assets. Knowlton has spent the last eight years in the transportation industry advising clients across the United States, including a role as the executive program manager for enterprise asset management at New York City Transit.

“Chip’s leadership and wealth of experience will enable HDR’s clients to meet the challenges of a new economy head on as they retool their processes and organization to deliver their work efficiently, effectively and equitably,” said Janet González Tudor, HDR’s transportation operational resiliency director. “I’m excited to have him on the HDR team and look forward to watching him make a difference for organizations we work with across the world.”