In March 2014, Konecranes received another order for RTGs and reach stackers from transportation supplier CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc. in the US. Four Konecranes RTGs will be delivered to two CSX Intermodal Terminals’ facilities in Chicago, Illinois, and two reach stackers to Charleston, South Carolina. All equipment will be delivered before March, 2015. The order has been included in Konecranes’ order intake for the first quarter 2014.

“Konecranes provides high quality equipment uniquely suited to support a changing U.S. intermodal rail terminal operation,” says Wilby Whitt, President, CSX Intermodal Terminals, Inc.

“We are very pleased to support CSX Intermodal Terminals in its growth process. Konecranes’ extensive service network across the North America provides an excellent base for intermodal activities, where local support is a must,” says Jussi Suhonen, Sales Director, Port Cranes, Konecranes.

Konecranes’ RTGs have and will be used for stacking and moving containers from rail to truck and vice versa. The cranes are equipped with Konecranes Active Load Control for the most efficient Anti-Sway and Fine-Positioning. The RTGs have a lifting capacity of 50 tons and are able to stack one over three containers high.

The two reach stackers will be used for loading and unloading containers from trains in first and second rail. They have a lifting capacity of 45 tons in first rail and 43 tons in second rail – strong machines with large lifting capacity. The reach stackers are equipped with several modern and durable extended set of functions – several added by means of safety.