Study on responding to economic rise of China and India

On the eve of his trip to Asia, Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles, joined the Pacific Council on International Policy in the unveiling of a binational US-Japan task force report, entitled Engaging China and India: An Economic Agenda for Japan and the United States during a special meeting on October 5.

The report contends that Japan and the United States should resist the temptations of protectionism and economic nationalism and makes specific recommendations about how to pursue a strategy of economic engagement China and India to generate win-win outcomes for all four countries in trade and finance, energy and the environment, and technology and innovation.

“We are extremely honored to welcome Mayor Villaraigosa to the Pacific Council,” said Geoffrey Garrett, president of the Pacific Council. “Given Los Angeles’ status as the principal gateway for US-Asia trade and commerce, the Mayor’s insights will set the stage for a discussion of how the United States and Japan should respond to Asia’s emerging economic giants.”

The meeting for Pacific Council members and invited guests in downtown Los Angeles was chaired by former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher, who is Co-Chair of the Pacific Council’s Board of Directors. Task Force co-chairmen Kenneth Dam (former US Deputy Secretary of both State and Treasury) and Noboru Hatakeyama (former Japanese Vice Minister of International Trade and Industry) briefed the Mayor and outlined the key recommendations of the report.

The Pacific Council acknowledges Union Bank of California for co-sponsoring the event as well as task force partners the Japan Economic Foundation and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

The Pacific Council on International Policy is a non-partisan membership organization comprising globally-oriented business, civic and government leaders whose mission is to give more effective voice to West Coast perspectives on international affairs. (SOURCE Pacific Council on International Policy)