LAN CARGO, the largest cargo operator in South America, completed its most important shipment of horses this year, boarding 50 specimens on one of its cargo flights from Miami to Madrid, in an operation carried out by Colt International USA.

The Argentinean polo ponies, which will compete in Polo Summer Season in Sotogrande, Spain, traveled in groups of three in stalls specially built by Newport Cargo Argentina and Unicorn S.A. for LAN CARGO, for this flight. The animals were under the care of four experts exclusively dedicated to any needs that they may have.

The stalls they traveled in are equipped to make their trip comfortable and to allow for their care on board. They were approved by the FAA and the USDA. Upon completion of the trip to Spain, the stalls will be washed, disinfected and then used again in September for the return of the horses to the USA.

We are very pleased that we were chosen for this shipment. At LAN CARGO, this is a challenge that we face almost on a daily basis. We have transported giraffe, rhinoceros, elephants, dolphins and even wallabies. With more than 80 years of experience in this business, we are able to be one of the most specialized air cargo operators in the world”, said Cristian Ureta, CEO of LAN CARGO, affiliate of LATAM Airlines Group.

Once in Madrid, LAN CARGO will count on support from Iberia to deplane the horses. The Spanish airline has planned a special handling operation to tend to the cargo plane and to offer aid during unloading. Iberia will use a team of 10 people, 20 pallet racks to move the stalls where the animals traveled, and several baggage tractors for moving to the truck parking area (where the transport of the horses will continue), in addition to its modern cargo platform. This very maneuverable equipment can hold up to 14,500 metric kilograms, adapts to all types of cargo operations and will be in charge of unloading the horses from the plane.

Even though this operation was the largest transport of horses this year, LAN CARGO’s Boeing 777F allows boarding of up to 78 of this species.