Logistics CRM Leader targets trucking and freight brokerage with software “innovation of the year,” according to analyst Eye-for-Transport

Lanetix has launched LxRoadFreight, the first CRM suite exclusively developed for the domestic freight market, including asset-owning trucking firms and freight brokers. The comprehensive, out-of-the-box software suite brings Global 2000 CRM within reach of growing transportation companies, at a cost less than half of traditional enterprise CRM software.

Recognized as a “Logistics CRM Innovator” by logistics research and analysis firm Eyefor Transport Limited. Lanetix announced a partnership with 3GTMS, a market-leading TMS (transportation management system) software developer which will offer best-of-breed front office and back office software automation to the logistics industry.

With LxRoadFreight, trucking companies and freight brokerage firms with as few as five employees will benefit from:

  • Transportation-specific CRM functionality including shipper accounts, carrier accounts, trucks, drivers, dispatchers, O-D pairs, RFP’s, SLAs, best-in-class operational processes for a shippers’ first 90 days, damage awareness workflows, exception management, driver retention and carrier on-boarding, QBRs and off-boarding.
  • Data analytics and rich out-of-the-box reports to track and forecast volumes, revenue, margin with embedded NMFTA class codes.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine-learning to qualify RFPs based on risk, winnability and fit; recommend relevant topics and location-based heat maps.
  • Carrier Relationship Management to nurture relationships with dispatchers, on-board carriers and streamline the carrier QBR process.
  • Mobile app to log incidents in the truck and on the dock to reduce exceptions, accelerate the claims process, improve profitability while increasing in-the-field sales productivity.
  • Lower cost of ownership and out-of-the-box functionality with workflow processes exclusively for the transportation industry without data storage fees, API governor charges or expensive customization from outside third-party consultants or overburdened IT staff.

“We are proud to bring the industry’s most powerful out-of-the-box functionality CRM suite to the diverse and segmented ‘long tail’ of the global transportation market,” said John Golob, President and Founder of Lanetix. “With more than 17,000 transportation companies in North America alone, too many trucking and freight brokerage firms are unable to afford the high cost of customizing one-size-fits-all CRM.”

Troy Goode, Lanetix’ Chief Technology Officer and Founder added, “Customizing CRM to meet the needs of a freight brokerage can cost 2-3 times the annual CRM software subscription. Today, we bring more functionality that directly improves a transportation company’s gross margin ... at a lower cost…to a large and untapped market.”

“Our research has proven that the average 3PL sales rep spends almost half of his or her time on internal data and reporting issues,” said Dr. John Langley, Clinical Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Penn State Center for Supply Chain ResearchTM. Now, with the availability of LxRoadFreight by Lanetix, logistics companies with as few as five employees can take advantage of the same powerful, cloud-based CRM software as market-leading multinationals. It doesn’t take much to see how LxRoadFreight will help sales reps spend less time in the office and more time with customers.”

Brian Everett, President of the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association (TMSA), a trade group representing thousands of commercial leaders in the domestic freight market concurred, “Too often, trucking firms have had to make choices when it came to evaluating software. Do we focus on automating the spot market or contracted rates? Do we use technology for complex on-boarding projects or quick-and-dirty implementations? Lanetix solves for the complexity of the industry with a beautiful user interface that feels more like Instagram than a CRM.”

Lanetix also announced a partnership with 3GTMS, a leading cloud-based TMS software developer. “We are delighted to welcome Lanetix into our partner program,” said Chuck Fuerst, 3GTM’s Vice President of Marketing. “3GTMS and Lanetix will bring the best of cloud-based innovation together to streamline front-office processes with operational back-office visibility and automation.”

Finally, today’s product announcement is recognized as a breakthrough, bringing innovation to an entire segment of the industry that has been unable to use cutting edge, cloud CRM software. “We are pleased to recognize LxRoadFreight for what it is, a true Logistics CRM Innovator,” explained Louise Gunstone, MD of Eyefor Transport Limited (EFT), the global leader in business intelligence and C-Ievel networking for the transport, logistics and supply chain industry.

LxRoadFreight is priced at $75 per subscriber per month on an annual contract, billed monthly through credit or debit cards in North America on July 24,2018 and Europe, Middle East and Asia on August 31, 2018 and Asia Pacific in November 1, 2018. LxRoadFreight runs as a browser-based cloud application and as both native iOS and Android apps on mobile devices.

For more information visit lanetix.com.