Oznakliyat Kara Tasimaciligi A.S., member to the Priority Cargo Network in Turkey, has been rewarded with a yearly contract for pre-carriage of export wind turbine blades from the Turkish Factory up to port in Izmir, 25 kms route. The blades are the longest ones manufactured in Turkey with 58,50 meters length and single piece weight of 12 tons. In order to avoid danger to traffic in city areas, the companys experts conducted a trial run with a proto-type blade and after perfect achievement the transports of the actual blades started at daily times of started the scheduled ones during sunrise (around 5:00-6:00 am in the morning) A company spokesman said: “This daily challenge refreshes our rhapsody with every rising sun”

Oznakliyat also conducted the transportation of a broken transformer 10,5 x 3,8 x 4,6 meter with a weight of 270,3 tons from Derince port upto the Alstom factory in Gebze for repairment. The transformer was lifted with an ocean vessel’s own cranes directly into the companys own 350 tons capacity girder bridge between 10+10 = 20 axles of hydraulic platform. The total length of the transport combination was around 73,50 meters and the distance to travel was 44 kms upto factory. The entrance of the factory wouldn’t allow to enter the girder bridge so the 270tons transformer was transfered onto a 13 axles moduler hydraulic trailer, using 2 mobile cranes (AC700 & AC1600), and entered the factory with this combination. Finally the transformer was in its final destination.