DHL announced it has been chosen by Systems Material Handling (SMH) as its preferred international shipping provider. SMH is a world-leading supplier of replacement parts, safety equipment and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry, and will now leverage DHL’s global strength for US imports and exports.

‘SMH was seeking a single, full-service global shipping partner in the US that could help us manage the challenges of rapid growth and expand into Canada, Mexico, South America and Central America markets,’ said Herbert Sercu, Corporate Traffic Manager for SMH. ‘In addition to DHL’s strong global network, its people have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of trade facilitation and a willingness to understand our business, which we expect will vastly improve our distribution process and service to our valued customers.’

SMH supplies more than three million parts for US and internationally manufactured industrial vehicles.’ DHL has successfully managed intra-Europe express transportation for TVH Forklift Parts of Belgium, and with today’s announcement the revenues from both arrangements are expected to exceed $8 million annually.

DHL has developed solutions for SMH to ensure efficient, expedited delivery to SMH’s international customers and distributors—including automated shipping systems, proactive shipment monitoring, procedures for Customs compliance linked to DHL’s in-house brokerage capabilities, and special pickup and delivery arrangements.

With DHL’s international services, SMH will now be able to expedite the delivery of replacement parts and accessories to its customers and distributors in North America, South America and Central America within 48 hours or less from SMH’s distribution center in Olathe, Kansas.’’ DHL will also provide its Import Express services to expedite imports of parts from SMH locations in Europe.

‘As a specialist in international transportation and logistics, DHL is uniquely positioned to help companies like SMH reach new markets, expand globally and quickly connect far-flung customers, distributors and suppliers for enhanced services,’ said Charles Brewer, EVP of Commercial for DHL Express.