IWLA ’ The International Warehouse Logistics Association, will hold its annual Marketing and Sales Conference July 20-21 in Chicago.

Themed “Generating Leads, Making Sales,” the two-day event will feature new sessions and speakers. Seasoned industry experts will describe cutting-edge marketing and sales techniques and strategies that work in “real world” situations. A premium is placed on interaction between instructors and attendees, through Q&A, brainstorming and breakout sessions.

“The third-party logistics (3PL) outsourcing marketplace has become extremely competitive in the last several years, and knowing how to locate hot leads and close deals is vital to a warehouse’s profitability,” said Linda Wood, IWLA director of education. “We have designed this conference specifically to help 3PLs prepare now for emerging challenges and opportunities.”

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Better use their websites to generate leads
  • Define a targeted marketing message
  • Use marketing communication programs and projects to increase the volume and quality of sales leads
  • Hire high-performing sales people and identify “closers”
  • Make the best use of the ever-powerful Word-of-Mouth marketing
  • Optimize the use of electronic marketing concepts, such as Internet Search Engines, to enhance the marketing function.

    For more information, contact Linda Wood, IWLA Director of Education, or go to www.iwla.com and click on the Marketing & Sales Conference link.