Accord to cut air pollutants by 90% at third-largest terminal

The Port of Long Beach has agreed to an historic accord with ‘Green Port’ environmental covenants. The lease agreement with International Transportation Service, Inc. will reduce air pollutants by at least 90 percent at the Port’s third-largest cargo terminal by requiring ships to use shore-side electricity and by replacing cargo-handling equipment.

Under the agreement approved on May 22 by the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, ITS will phase in the use of shore-side electricity (‘cold-ironing’) and other environmentally friendly technologies that will significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and diesel-related particulate matter from ships at berth and from cargo-handling equipment inside the 246-acre Pier G/J terminal.

Earlier this month the Board approved Long Beach’s first ‘Green Port’ agreement, an amendment to a lease with SSA Terminals, a joint venture of Matson Navigation Inc. and SSA Marine. The SSAT accord will cut pollution by 90% at the 68-acre Pier C container terminal.

‘With this lease, the Port will have two of its largest cargo terminals operating under ‘Green Port’ environmental provisions,’ said Harbor Commission President Doris Topsy-Elvord. ‘The ITS lease, on the heels of the Matson lease, shows a serious commitment on the part of the Port and our customers to work together toward clean-air solutions.’